What's Ahead

SPM results are finally a thing of the past... accounts test over... but it's not the time to sit back and relax yet. I have been busy lately, and recent events have been driving me crazy. I've had enough surprises to last the month, all packed in a week.

I get rest when I don't need it, but now when I really need it, I realise how rare it suddenly becomes.

There's a role play waiting for me on Wednesday. I'm supposed to be an interviewer. Normally I would depend on my usual load of rubbish talk to solve the problem, as it has worked for 5 years when I was in CLHS.

However, this time it's different. I'm expected to talk more sense than usual. That's tough for me. Other than that, I'm expected to wear OFFICE WEAR. Imagine that. If I do upload photos of me in office wear here, you guys are going to have a good laugh. By the way, many factors are causing me to worry about the role play. It's long. 15 minutes! 15 minutes of rubbish talk?! That can't possibly work.

The next day it's a Malaysian Studies test. What wonderful timing.

You know what, really, recent events and future events are going to make me go-



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