My Ah Ma gave me several bunches of bananas, and they were just too much for my family to finish. So I brought some to college today. Of course, people were more interested in playing with the bananas than eating them.

Loyal supporter of the Banana Club.

Pisang. Notice some have been reduced to skin only.

Bananas in class. The lady in pink at the far end is my lecturer.

At the end of the day we still managed to finish them, so I guess everyone did a good job and will enjoy healthy bowel movements for a day or two. My friends are beginning to call me the Banana Man, which sounds really weird (and pretty obscene), but it somehow accurately describes my current situation. So I guess I'll just let them have some fun.

Oh, and if you think this post is lame because it practically just revolves around a potassium-rich fruit, I agree with you!


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