All these updates are coming late but I'm trying to space them out so I don't jam the blog with one post per day. I consider that too much traffic. Too much traffic gives the impression that I'm too free... which isn't too far from the truth. Free only for now though. I have another internship starting next week. :)

Anyway, Brisbane. Ewe Juan the caveman sets his feet down on another Australian city. For a holiday.

Had a yummy breakfast upon touching down in Brisbane. Belgian Waffles!

Went to tour University of Queensland.

UQ is famous for its sandstone architecture.

A pretty campus indeed.

Indeed! Squawk.

Melissa, Shingun's friend and our gracious host in Brisbane, brought us up Mount Coot-Tha to enjoy the sunset over the city. It was too cold to hike to the waterfall/anywhere else, so we had to be satisfied with just enjoying the scenery. And we were.

Brisbane city before sunset, from the viewing point.

The city when it gets dark.

We then made our way down the mountain to have sushi, exploring parts of the city along the way.

A random photo.

This evil-looking building is a casino. Not Dracula's holiday villa.

 Across the Brisbane River is what they call the South Bank.

That's all for now. The next update will showcase photos of Brisbane City in daylight. My camera isn't a champion at low-light photo shooting. So I'm not showing off any more photos.


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