Hill Climb

Just last Wednesday we went to Youth Park to hike. It's been a long time since I last went hiking. Good to finally get some exercise. Also takes my mind away from the frequent rain flooding my veggies. But that's a different story.

So... Youth Park. Going there makes you feel young again (it says YOUTH right?). Perfect for hiking unless you get lost halfway and end up in Batu Ferringhi. Nothing bad will happen to you unless you roll down and break a few ribs, or meet a blood-thirsty serial killer, or step on the tail of a cobra, or get struck by lightning, or get chased by a Sumatran Rhino or Siberian Tiger or Polar Bear (optimism can drive you a long way).

That said, we happily ascended the hill with nothing to disturb us except a few mosquitoes, one of the few organisms on the planet not bothered by the World Cup.

View from the resthouse. You can see it's raining towards the right.

Hi everyone.


On the way down.

Finally one pic with everyone facing the front.

Makan time. Introducing the ultimate Guru of Dim Sum, shown here demonstrating his legendary skills at sterilizing cutlery.

Mickey Mouse with a... er... bad ear day.

Cheers pal!


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