Unofficial Results Day

Unofficial results means you only know if you pass or fail. If you manage to pass everything, then you will be blessed with a fuss-free entry into Semester 4. Most of my friends and I got through, without many casualties. Phew...

So after making sure our results were correct and that we really really really really passed, we went on to register for Semester 4. It was, after all, the only sane thing to do after passing that er... action-packed tax paper.

Realising we were finally able to eat and sleep in peace, we celebrated by watching a really... weird movie. Some Thai ghost story. Observing the rest of the audience, there were more blank stares and yawns than screams. You get the picture.

After the movie that clearly did not justify its ticket price, we just walked around.

*Photos courtesy of Zhong Yang

The guys.

Kesian Faiye satu orang hahaha.


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