Motivation In Action

Not long ago the wind blowing in my direction notified me about a motivation camp that was about to be held in my primary school. For those of you who don't know, I mean Kwang Hwa. The school and my Standard 6 Form Teacher were attempting to fish out some old students to help with this mega project ( the only thing more mega being the human genome project ). So I decided to join in the fun. Enough of an introduction.

I know this post is dated Wednesday but I'm writing for last Saturday and Sunday(23&24 May). Yes, I know I'm late once again, but better late than never. Right? RIGHT?!

The camp was meant for Standard 6 students about to go for their UPSR. They were split into 12 groups, and the groups were named after moral values. How cute. I was put in charge of a group of 22 kids. Group name?

Hormat. Respect. A little weird, but at least I didn't have to come up with a team name for them, or I would have 22 kids going after my neck. Name-giving isn't my specialty.

Together with my friends ( many I haven't seen for a long time ), I had to keep an eye on the kids, tak kisah lah when they makan, main, mandi( boys only )... it was not easy, and I had the feeling my charge was actually getting the better of me. When gathered together, their sheer numbers were enough to pin down a fully grown T-Rex.

My group were a cute lot, not too nasty, except for a few boys that would make the toughest backstreet gangster break down and beg for mercy.

Okay maybe they weren't that bad, but they sure were a pain in the you-know-where. The only way I could control them was by shouting like a deranged medicine man. I'm not the type that shouts a lot ( that's why I never went far in my uniform unit in high school ), so I found that to be a challenge too.

It was fun, but tiring. VERY tiring.

That's my friend Ken Ann sleeping. You gotta agree that's one interesting posture. A bit like Taichi.

One of the highlights was the errrr... fashion show. The interesting part was that instead of cloth, our 'fashion designers' were working with newspapers, leaves, branches etc.

I was actually quite surprised by the kids' creativity. Initially I thought they would only be able to come up with newspaper sarongs. Their work was good, although a bit freaky. Some kids wore the obituaries on their backs. Others had headlines and advertisements all over.

I wonder how this guy feels in his suit. The way his nose and mouth is wrapped up suggests that the haze is becoming worse I suppose, or maybe it's just a H1N1 precaution thing.

Night time. We had a gathering in the field to watch some performances by each of the groups. Couldn't take much photos as the camera's contact was going haywire.

Waving to the music folks! I have no idea where those pompoms came from. I thought only cheerleaders used those. After all that, the kids were put to sleep ( some forcefully ). A meeting was called to pick out a few lucky guys and girls that were going to receive prizes ( best and outstanding male/female participant ). Then we old friends went to eat wood.

Kayu nasi kandar. 24 hours. 1.30 a.m. we reach, still open. Makan makan, cakap banyak, habis makan, cakap lagi. Then we went back to school. Cakap lagi. Satu malam tak tidur.

The next day, things were more relaxing. Most of the day was spent on a round-island trip. Due to some battery problems ( and a fever that was developing ), I didn't take much photos.

This is where we had our buffet lunch. Fisherman's Wharf. Been here a few times with my family. There are no fishermen there. Food's decent you know.

Here a 12 year old girl from my group gave me an interesting comment. While the kids were eating, they asked for my age. So I told them. Then came the expected question about my relationship status. So I told them I was single. You know what the girl said? 'Maybe you're too honest'. I nearly choked on my juice. Too honest?! Hmm...

Later in the day we had to climb up the forest reserve near the Teluk Bahang dam. It wasn't very tough. Interesting? Yes. The guide had much to tell us. All about the trees and plants. The ants there are the size of your thumb, but that's considered small compared to what I saw when I was a kid hiking up somewhere I've forgotten. I just remember I was freaked out. After the hike, the bus took us round town and finally back to school.
Then it was time to bid farewell to my 22 anak angkat. Yes they were trouble sometimes but now I'm starting to miss them. Hope they do well in their UPSR. After the closing ceremony, I took a photo with my old classmates from 6M.

My class teacher's in front. Looking at this photo I realise how much we have all grown through these years. My teacher lost no time in reminding us that no matter where fate takes us all, we'll still be a part of Kwang Hwa.
I couldn't agree more.


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