The Rat Race Continues

I thought things were going to be easier after a week packed with tests. As usual, I'm proven dead wrong. Apparently the game's not over until it is. When's that? No idea.

It's interesting how the subject Accounting can have 2 final exams. They take a really thick book, split it in half, call the 2 halves Accounting 1 and 2, then proceed to have 2 final exams. Maybe this way we won't have too much to handle, or maybe Australians love final exams. I don't know. Let's hope I manage to control my carelessness this time. Exam's on Monday. At least it'll be over at the very start of the week.

Then comes Tuesday. I just realised the world really loves interviews. Or maybe my feng shui chart just includes a lot of them for the year. The guys from the Star Education Fund want to have a little chat with me. I missed the big fish (also known as JPA Scholarship), so hopefully I'll get lucky with this one. It'll be easier on my parents and I'll get to prove that at least some people on the planet think that I deserve a scholarship.

I know it's only 2 events scheduled for the week, but the interview thing is rather... intimidating. I'm trying not to worry too much. I suppose they won't start interrogating me about Newton's Law Of Thermodynamics or something like that. I am, after all, an accounts student.

When Tuesday is over, maybe I'll get to catch a breath. Suffocation kills you know, but I must remember my problems are nothing compared to the tight schedule of our PM.


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