Decreasing the Depth

Today in college a press conference... errr no just a little meeting was held and guess what, readers of this blog have agreed that what I write here is too deep. I never really thought that what I write would ever be too deep. I thought I was a guy with a simple mind.

Deep or not deep, I've been writing like this for a long time, and it would be quite difficult to change this style now. It's been my style ever since I began writing essays. So if things here get too deep and you can't see the bottom of it, I offer my sincere apologies. I will try to write in a... errr... not so deep manner.

However you can expect me to not cut down on the amount of rubbish here.

It's rubbish (and lots of it) that makes this blog what it is. So brace yourself for the unstoppable onslaught of crap that will flood the blog. Har har...


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