Another Movie

They say it's not good to buy pirated CDs although they may have nothing to do with pirates. So instead of buying the original CDs that will cost us the price of getting out of hell, we go to the cinema and watch movies at student price.

Quite smart, eh? Yeeeessss. That's smart.

Watched the Vulcans do their 'Live Long And Prosper' thing a while ago with the Wise Guru Teng Shin-

The new Star Trek had a healthy dose of humour in it, plus a good amount of explosions. BOOM! BANG! ALL BLASTED TO BITS! HARHAR!

Today it was time for 'Night at the Museum 2'-

This one was actually hilarious. See? Even Lincoln there says it's a good movie. And have you ever had any idea that Napoleon was actually that small? He's 2nd from right, with the weird hat.
Have to thank Zhong Yang for inviting me to the movie with his sister and Huan Li. So at least I would not have to spend the rest of the day wondering what to do.
By the way today I learned that I should never hand the popcorn lady a RM50 note. Especially when my popcorn only costs RM3.30. She'll spend 5 minutes searching for change once she's sure you don't have any. I walked away with 9 RM5 notes and some small change. So it's always good to have some change ready. No wonder Obama won with his 'change' manifesto.


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