One Semester Comes and Goes

Time flies folks. One semester in TAFE has gone, and soon I'll be in Semester 2. I had no idea things were going this fast. Now I'm stuck with a 1 and a 1/2 month holiday. Hopefully I'll find something productive to do. Plus I have just realised that the process of finding something productive to do is not exactly err... productive.

Of course before things come to an end, there is always a last ditch effort by fate to keep the humans occupied. For me this comes in the form of the Malaysian Studies final today. I wonder why these people have to have an exam on a Saturday. Can't they choose any other weekday? Perhaps they think we just sit there and laze our Saturdays away, and that's why they find it necessary to help us fill our time. Can't blame them.

After the exam that spelled the end of the semester, I joined my friends in Gurney for lunch at Seoul Garden. Yeah that place where you get hot oil jumping and popping all over the table ( and in some instances, all over you ). It's our idea of celebrating the end of the semester. Later we ended up watching 'Monsters VS Aliens'. Cartoons! YAAY! How exciting! Seriously, it was quite amusing. Never mind the fact that it's kiddy stuff. Sometimes we all need our share of kiddy stuff.

With that, allow me to wish my friends from TAFE happy end of semester, and may your debits, credits, depreciations and petty cash reimbursements stay with you till the next time we drag ourselves back to college!


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