More Durians

Here are some photos of durians, in case any of you live in a cave somewhere in the Amazons and haven't seen durians before. My Papa bought some home today.

Evil looking yummy stuff.

Of course, together with durians come other seasonal fruits that also make tasty treats. Also my favourites :D


Rambutans@Ang Mo Tan.

Rambutans irritate your throat if you take too much without drinking some water to wash down the sweetness. So beware. You don't want to get a sore throat during this fruity time of the year. Go get yourself a sore throat any other time. Just not this time.

This is the legendary Hor Lor. Very dry, sticky and sweet.

A weird one. I've forgotten what this durian's name is. Not that tasty though.

And this is the Ang He (Red Prawn). Notice it's deeper shade of orange.

I still have a bit of durian left in the fridge for tomorrow. If you chill them they taste like ice cream. Looking forward to more great durians next week :-)


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