Posting from Perth!

I finally found the time to update the blog. This time from Perth!

*expects thunderous round of applause*

Okay that intro didn't work too well.

I noticed Perth isn't as boring as many people say (at least for the time being). The weather is manageable sometimes and ridiculously cold other times. It's winter. What do you expect?

Here are some photographs of my new home.

Erica Underwood House. Common room on the right, admin office on the left.

My unit! I'm in Room 3.

The following are some snapshots of the campus grounds. Some taken by my friends, some taken by me.

This is the large field in front of the campus. They use it for all kinds of sports.

Another part of the campus.

This is another field. The campus has several fields.

International students' admin area.

Small fountain and bridge.

Welcome to Curtin Perth!

That's all for the time being. More photos the next time I have time to add to the blog.


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