Corporate Lessons 101 Update

These are the remaining corporate lessons that I think I failed to ever mention to anyone since I kept forgetting them. Again I cannot claim credit for the wonderful stories. Someone else made them up. I'm just helping to spread the errr... wisdom.

1) A rabbit was passing by a tree and saw a crow perched on the topmost branch. So it asked the crow, "What are you doing up there?". The crow replied, "I'm doing nothing!". The rabbit thought it would be nice to just sit under the tree doing nothing all day like the crow. So it sat there and was relaxing happily, then a fox came by and ate it. The end.

Corporate lesson: To sit there doing nothing, you've got to be sitting very high up.

2) A turkey had always wanted to be able to climb trees, but of course, that was not possible. One day this turkey met a bull. the bull said, "If you eat my shit (sorry again for the language), you may get the strength to climb up to the first branch. The turkey did consume some of the bull's droppings, and successfully climbed to the first branch. It ate more, and managed to reach the second branch... the third branch and so on. Finally, it reached the top of the tree. Then, an eagle flew by and (yes, you guessed it) ate it. *It's amusing how all corporate lesson stories end with an animal being eaten. The end.

Corporate lesson: Bullshit may get you to the top, but it won't keep you there.

Hope you had a good laugh like I did when I first came across these.


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