Toilet Thinking

Yes folks, of all things, I just have to choose to write about a toilet.

Okay. Let's begin with a story. Today, before class in college, I visited the toilet to use the best invention after the wheel. In other words, I went to use the urinal.

However, the sight that greeted me was that of a urinal overflowing with... well you know what. Somehow I think the pipes got blocked and there was a backflow. Water was also shooting out of the top of the urinal. I don't know why. I'm not a plumber although sometimes I may look like one.

That overflowing urinal got me thinking, and gave me a little bit of inspiration to write this.

Hey, nobody ever said I couldn't draw inspiration from an overflowing urinal!!!

You know, that overflowing urinal kind of reminds me of us, humans living today. Our heads are overflowing with all kinds of worries. Just like the urinal. Although the urine...errr... I mean worries are filling our heads to the brim, more keep pouring in. Sigh.

There is, however, one thing we can learn from this urinal. It accepts more urine every second, and yet it overflows and allows excess urine to go somewhere else (the floor, much to my disgust). Likewise, although we humans are not able to stop worries coming in, we should learn how to let go, letting them flow out. That way at least we won't let the stress drive us nuts.

Yes, I know it's odd trying to learn one of life's greatest lessons from an overflowing urinal, but what I wrote earlier actually makes sense (at least to me).

*It's not everyday I say something that makes sense, so when I do, kindly appreciate it. :)

By the way, I decided against taking a photo of the urinal. Imagine this: you come to my blog, and the first thing that hits your eyes is a photo of an overflowing urinal. I strongly believe that although seeing is believing, we are better off not seeing some things. (If you don't believe me, go ask Ms. Elizabeth Wong from Bukit Lanjan. I'm sure she'll give me her full support.)

Ah, and may you have a clear mind after reading this post. An empty urinal is always a nicer sight than a full one. Of this I'm dead sure.


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