Corporate Lessons 101

Today on msn I was chatting with my good old friend Lawrence when he asked me if I had updated my blog. I said no as inspiration hadn't struck me in the head just yet. The wise Lawrence told me that tulis apa saja pun boleh asalkan tak kutuk orang sampai lompat turun Penang Bridge.

So I'll share a joke or errr... story about corporate lessons. Teng Shin you've heard of this before.

One day a bird was flying in the sky. Suddenly, it began to snow and the bird, unable to stand the cold weather, fell to the ground. It was going to freeze to death (oh no!).

Fortunately for our feathered fellow, a bull passed by and dropped a lump of shit(sorry for the language) on the freezing bird. The shit actually preserved the bird's body heat and saved it's life!

Of course the bird was happy, so it began to sing. A cat happened to be walking by, and upon hearing the singing, promptly dug the bird out of the shit and ate it.

End of the story.

Corporate Lesson number 1: NOT everyone that drops shit on you is your enemy.

Corporate Lesson number 2: NOT everyone that gets you out of shit is your friend.

And finally...

Corporate Lesson number 3: When you're in Deep Shit, SHUT UP!!!

I didn't think of that myself. Some other guy did the thinking for me, but I really enjoyed the story, and hope you did too. :P


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