Dreadful Driver's Driving Done

Against all odds, the 1/2 past 6 driver turns back into the driving range, maneuvers the roundabout at snail speed, and stops.

The relieved guy in smart uniform sighs...

' Okay. Pass. '

...and he hands our happy driver a whole stack of different coloured paper before shooing him out of the car.

So who says miracles don't happen?

Yup I pulled it off alright. I got my family and friends to thank for their moral support. Terima kasih banyak-banyak semua.

I was quite lucky. I was hoping not to get the Bayan Lepas route, and I got the Batu Maung route instead. That was because somebody before me used his kancil to kiss an oil tanker on the Bayan Lepas route. Quite a mess. That's what the tester told me. I kind of owe that guy my thanks, but I pity him too. Nobody would like that to happen during their turn.

So next time you cause something bad to happen, don't feel too bad. You might have helped sombody else unintentionally!

To whoever that guy is... I'm sorry you had to go through this but thanks a lot. My best wishes for your next try.


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