First Up, Zhong Yang

As at now it's actually Kai Wen's birthday already, but the photos need time to come, so I'll be talking about Abba's birthday first.

To start off, if there was ever a Guinness World Record for most unsurprising surprise, this celebration would have won the award. Most, if not all of the cats were out of the bag before the actual celebration day, and the VIP came knowing about 70% of what we were intending to do.

Fortunately things got better after that. Everything went on pretty smoothly, and after the celebration we went for Sammy's Adventures. My first time watching 3D! Yay! A very entertaining animation indeed, if you're looking for something light.

Birthday Boy all smiles :-)

His birthday card.

The poor cake, after Abba's nose was slammed into it.


Finally, a group photo, as usual.


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