I'm Back...Again

After weeks of juggling multiple deadlines, my college work is finally finished (well, most of it). This leaves me with extra time to bore you with my nonsensical scribbles here. You're doomed. Hahaha.

While chillin' with a couple of pals yesterday, I received an sms from my telco provider. Apparently a 6% tax is going to be levied on all prepaid reloads and starter packs. It's not new stuff. I heard about it on the 8pm news a few days ago. Apparently, the companies are bored of absorbing the costs, and now plan to pass the effect to numbskulls like me.

This means I'll need to improvise to keep my phone bill in check. Not that I use my phone much anyway. I'm not a popular person. Perhaps I'll start giving miss calls to send morse code messages. Or I could simplify it. One missed call means Yes, two means No, three means Maybe :D

Okay maybe I'm going too far, but I'll still need to devise a way to beat the telco companies. It's always been me to do this kind of thing. My brother says they're trying to switch us over to postpaid plans. They make more money like that. I'll spare you the technical details. But anyway, this motivates me to snake my way around the rising cost. Wish me luck.


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