Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone. Allow me to start by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you had the chance to enjoy fireworks and participate in a countdown somewhere. Better still, to my Christian friends I hope you had a wonderful time having Christmas dinner with family.

Finally we can all get a well deserved holiday. Except Santa Claus of course. That guy only works once a year, so I see no point in pitying him. Yes he has to worry about delivering billions of presents within a single night, but still, he only freaking works ONCE a year! He doesn't even need to run his toy factory. The elves do that for him. I wish I get the chance to audit his factory one day. It's probably called something like Claus Industries Pte Ltd.

But enough of Santa. At least this year, those of us working get an extra day off. Monday's a replacement holiday because Christmas is on Sunday. Yayyyyyy... another chance to wake up late. That's a (lazy man's) luxury.

Oh, and while you're busy receiving this Christmas, don't forget to give too. There's much joy in making others happy. Enjoy yourselves :D


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