Random Photos

Here are some random photos I took while lepak-ing around during the holidays. They cover everything from large bugs to Christmas trees. I'm just posting them for fun, so enjoy.

Big bug, as promised. Found in Botanical Garden.

Spiky flower, also from Botanical Garden.

Fungus on wood, may be delicious. Tell me if you taste it.

In my previous post, I remember saying there will be more photos on the Christmas deco in Straits Quay. So, here they are. It seems a Christmas tree-decorating competition took place there, but I wasn't present when that happened.

One of the trees entered in the competition. You can see there are more in the background.

One of the more colourful trees.

The tree outside Charlie Brown Cafe. Woodstock's perched on top.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

This is the large tree at the main entrance (in case you're a bird and need to build a nest).

Beautiful drawings from some kind of competition I guess.

If you have the time, go take a stroll at Straits Quay. They're decorated it in such a way that makes you feel that Christmas is in the air. And anyway, walking is a form of exercise that burns calories. So just go.


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