Ming's MSI

This time, I'm showing off my bro's new laptop. Yeah it's not mine but I'm bragging anyway! It's an MSI FX420. MSI leh. Siao siao...

MSI's famous for their gaming laptops, but according to my bro, his is not a full fledged gaming one. More of an entertainment laptop. I didn't know much about MSI, so I just nodded my head dumbly.

The surface is scratch-proof. Definitely. I tried to scratch it but failed.

Opened up.

He got that for only RM1699. I believe it was a pretty good bargain. What really caught my attention is that this MSI had 4 USB ports, and 2 of them are USB 3.0. I could use some of that! The keyboard's a little small, so the typing experience isn't that good. However, overall this baby's a neat piece of work. A lot better than that desktop I use at work everyday, which possesses a maximum processing speed close to that of a sun-bathing dung beetle.


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