Pit Stop

2 assessments are history. Finally. All's left is next week's law and moral assignment. At least sudah half way through.

The moral test today was weird. Just pure weird, but fun. You know I actually ended up concluding that a person's family should allow him to commit suicide. Realizing that it would probably cause me a fail grade, I immediately added a disclaimer behind that sentence stating that it was just an analysis based on a moral theory, and I admitted it sounded like a joke. Hopefully our moral lecturer has a sense of humour.

Other than that I've forgotten what I've written. Talk about short-term memory. I remember I wrote 2 essays, each 1 and 1/2 pages long, but what I crapped about in there has escaped my memory chip. Must learn to cut short my writings. Wasted a lot of time there.

So now it's like a pit stop before the assignments next week (and probably the assessments the week after next). Perfect for a short break. That's why I'm typing all this nonsensical hoo-haa here. If you're reading this you're probably taking a break too. Just don't break until you're broken.

The pear I'm eating has a hint of fermentation to it. I think I better get myself a drink.


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