Jamming Without Jam

My old friend Teng Shin, yes, THE Teng Shin, was back for a week from Matriculation, which explains that strong intellectual aura you have all been detecting in Penang for the past few days. But this guy's not just one of the best brains on the planet. He seriously rocks on his guitar too. At the same time my piano-playing sounds like rocks, so it would be perfect for us to jam together, which is what we did on Friday.

Some of the golden oldies took the centrestage, namely "Take Me Home Country Roads" and "All I Have To Do Is Dream". It's a pity I haven't heard "Young Ones" by Cliff Richard, or we would have another good one to play. Not all songs sound good on both guitar and piano, which makes things a little difficult.

Not to forget a little chit-chat about how things have gone since we left high school. Everybody's scattered all around the globe now, and the only way you can catch up is by hear-say, if you can't contact the others in person.

Ladies and gentlemen, TSKhoo!

One word - Skill.

Taken when I was playing "Zero Gravity". Wonder why my right hand's curled up...

The Bozos.


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