I'm normally not the one to do the shooting. I prefer to sit and watch the crossfire. However, I've been pondering over this for a while and I really can't just sit and watch the absurdity anymore. This has gone a bit too far. Although I'm not involved in this issue, I have to speak out on this one.

I do not intend to name anyone here, as it would be tantamount to directly hitting the person(s), something I would very much want to avoid. I acknowledge the fact that I might be wrong, but I've been looking on for months and I just can't see the logic behind this. And, just because you're reading this DOESN'T MEAN IT'S YOU. Don't go on getting sleepless nights over this.

This is what I have to say. If you're unhappy about something or someone, sometimes it is wise to just keep it to yourself, unless you are sure the secrecy will put others at harm. You may have your reasons, but do they justify spreading all kinds of words that can turn the world against your nemesis? Yes you may be right, but what if you're WRONG? There is always something called the benefit of doubt. Misleading others will not help you on your crusade, even if the crusade bears good intentions.

All I ask of you is to sheath that sword until the bloodbath is truly necessary. If you will not give others a second chance, at least give it to yourself. Some things are not what they seem. What lives beneath is what really counts.


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