Lay Kiew's Birthday

This post is supposed to be for last Saturday, but I was a bit too occupied with manufacturing statements to get the job done. So here's the better late than never post. It's the 2nd birthday we celebrated in the month. This time the Yang Berhormat is none other than Lay Kiew, more fondly known simply as "Duck" among her friends. So to Gurney we went on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. We could not surprise her much as she was already expecting a form of celebration, so we instead used a "fake cake" trick to get the job done. I don't know how effective it actually was as I only thought of it after consuming a tall glass of ice water that probably froze half my brain. I think it worked though.

That said, it's time to let the photos do the talking. It's pointless for me to go on typing when the pictures can actually do a better job.

The Birthday Girl having fun with the "Reserved" sign.

Makan time.

You won't believe how tough it is to even get half of Shun Mu's face into a photo.

The cake makes it's appearance.

Kiew prepares to blow out the lights. This shot was taken a bit too early.

Then the cake is attacked with a plastic knife.

Banyak kertas. Birthday note kot.

Kiew and her present. This photo's supposed to come earlier, but never mind.

That's the present after all the wrapping is opened.

So to end this post I'd like to wish our new 18 year old Lay Kiew happy birthday again ( although by now it's about 2 days late). Best wishes and don't stop quacking!


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