Langkawi Day 2

The adventure in Langkawi continues in day 2, with me waking up too early in the morning and being forced back to sleep. :P About 45 minutes after my alarm went off, we started crawling out of bed to use the washroom. There were 6 of us and only 1 bathroom, so much cooperation was required.

Dawn by the beach.

After everyone got a chance to wash up, we went searching for breakfast and finally stopped at a nearly empty makan spot.

This place.

Sadly, this meal turned out to be the only meal I regretted in Langkawi. Unless you're willing to pay RM5 for 3 half slices of bread, don't go there. We were operating on a tight budget, so our breakfast had all of us wishing we just bought some biscuits from 7-Eleven.

After breakfast we went island hopping. No photos of us on the boat will be posted, because the wind messed up our hair and made all of us look like relatives of Conan the Barbarian. Our first stop was Pulau Beras Basah. The beach was pure white and the water was so clean you could see the fishes arguing about where to go for lunch.

In case you don't know where the boat took you.

I didn't take any photos of us fooling around by the beach because my handphone was allergic to salt water. I kept it 100 meters away from the beach.

Notice how the colour of the water resembles the colour of the sky.

From the island the boat took us to observe eagles enjoying a meal. The birds were obviously skilled divers, and they were not afraid of heights. While I was watching they were happily executing dives from hundreds of feet above the water. They clearly weren't shy about showing off their skills to the wingless humans below.

Circling above the water searching for prey.

The human presence did not bother them.

Moving along, we were shown the island(hill) that looks like a pregnant lady lying on her back.

Observe the shape of the hill range behind.

Our last stop for the island hopping trip was Tasik Dayang Bunting. It's a lake that was formed when a large cave collapsed (a very, very long time ago), leaving a hole in the ground that collected rainwater. Fast forward many, many years, and we have this lake.

Many things in Langkawi have to do with pregnant women XD

You can paddle a boat around the lake if you fancy it.

After returning to our room for a bath, we had lunch at a place called Red Tomato. The food there was awesome, but unfortunately I don't have any photos with me now. They serve western cuisine, and I prefer chinese food. If a guy who prefers chinese food says this western meal is delicious, it must be REALLY good. LOL

In the evening we visited the Gunung Raya tower. It was the highest point in Langkawi at 900 meters above sea level. Even higher than the Skybridge.

This tall tower sits on an even taller mountain.

Sadly, it turned cloudy the moment we got up there, so we couldn't see much. Only a few nearby islands. We were told that on a sunny day it was possible to see up to Thai territory.

Enjoying ourselves at the top of the tower.

We had extra time so we made a random trip to the Langkawi airport. As though we actually had business there...

Langkawi airport!!! Sampat.

Finally we had dinner at Orkid Ria. The cooking there is good although the seafood can be quite expensive. Just be careful to watch you budget and you can have a happy meal there.

Orkid Ria seafood.

The night was spent walking around Pantai Cenang, before we went back to watch tv and retire for the day. Tomorrow was to be another early day. We still had plans although it was our last day in Langkawi.


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