Speed is Everything?

"Develop a sense of urgency in all things you do. Speed is everything." Everything. Well how true is this? Perhaps true to a certain point, but it really stops there. In many if not most cases, I observe getting it done right is always more important than getting it done quick. Mindless haste by some only results in extra work for others who have better things to do.

How many times have you rushed through a piece of work, only to realise you messed up some crucial parts in the process? I'm prone to making such errors, although most of the time I attribute it to the fact that I had my mind on other matters (like lunch). Still, unless you're extremely sharp and know very well what you're doing, simply speeding up won't get you anywhere.

Simply speeding up would mean driving at 160km/h on a 80km/h highway. And we all know that people who drive like hell, are bound to get there some day.

Urgency is a great tool, if you use it right. The presence of a right amount of urgency (and brains) drives people forward, but too much of it drives people straight into walls. Would you spend time to sharpen your axe now and fell trees later in just minutes, or not sharpen your axe now but take all day to clear the jungle?


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