Going Somewhere

After a very, very, very long wait, I finally received the offer letter to transfer to Perth, about 1 month later than my friends.

 Congratulations on possessing a large bucket of patience I guess.

In the time it took for this to arrive, I grew a 5-inch beard, my cow conceived and gave birth to her third calf, the flowers bloomed a fifth time and the cockroaches under the cupboard completed their portrait of me. Much can happen in a month you see. 

Nonetheless, I'm glad the university has finally decided they want my butt in Perth. I promise I won't dig up the hostel pavements to grow vegetables. Nor will I use the curtains as blankets. All I need is enough space to keep my pet cow comfortable.

Maybe that's why they took so long to process my application.

Cows aside, I'm very happy with this bit of progress. At least that's one problem solved. For now.


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