Tuition Free Week!

So it's now the beginning of my tuition free week, meaning there will be no classes for the time being. This means relaxation, time to exercise, hang out with friends and clean up my room. Awesome, right?

Huh. You wish.

The week after my so called holiday, I'll be having 3 mid-semester exams, 1 quiz and a side dish of 2 visiting lecturers having classes over a span of 5 days. Sounds delicious. The only problem is, I'll need the entire tuition free week to cook up this scrumptious meal. STUDY TIME!

Still, life goes on, and there's always time for all things bright and beautiful.


There are actually 2 rainbows, but the other one ain't so clear here.

There's also always time for one of my favourite fruits. Remember to eat your fruits. They promote healthy bowel movements.

Grapes. 1 kilo RM12 at Jelutong market.

To my classmates, especially those having the same ridiculous timetable as mine, here's to determination, perseverance and sheer dumb luck in surviving the coming onslaught. Cheers~~~


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