Some Photos from CNY

Here are some photos from my Chinese New Year. I've eaten so much for those few days I can barely type now. Haha! I tend to get lazy and rounder around festive seasons. So here are the photos with minimal explanation in between :P

Mandarin oranges at Ah Ma's house. I love those.

Cousin's son. I told him peaches are white inside. He said white's not a colour. Cute!

CNY snacks. Everything in that round thingie has a meaning. I know groundnuts represent a long and happy life. That's what Ah Ma told me.

I get this as breakfast every CNY. Eating this means you're a year older, says Ah Ma again.

Now that CNY is over, it's time to catch some sleep. Above all, it's also time to exercise and lose those extra kilos! So good luck on that!


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