That White Cube Called INTI

Today I finally returned to that white educational institution cube we all fondly know as INTI. The new semester is finally going to start soon, and all the bozos that have been missing college will soon miss it no more. You can't study if you don't enrol, so that's what I did today. Well not exactly. I'll have to go back a second time to finalise payment.

With A-Levels making a debut in the college, you can't blame me for arriving at 7.45am. Any later and I'll probably have to park in mid-air. INTI's student population is growing like mushrooms after a damp rainy day, so it was no surprise that the number of people packed in the building made it look like the admin was giving away free gold.

Apparently I'm in for a crowded semester. It would be easier if I could just cycle to college and tie the bicycle to a lamp post. I'm sure the security guards won't mind helping me jaga my old bike.


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