From The Garden

Found this little fellow outside the house some time ago. It was nice enough to stay still for some photos, but I may have scared it a bit. Sorry pal. Hehheh.

Say hi to the little guy... wait I'm not sure if it's a guy.

Surprisingly it stood still.

Last one before it leapt for cover.

Ah, and here's the first little watermelon from the watermelon plants. I don't know if it'll survive. Usually the first few ones dry up before one grows ripe properly, but when the watermelons do ripen they're very sweet.

See that small one there? It still has a flower at it's end.

There are more flowers, but of course not all will bear fruit.

Yep the watermelon plant. Hopefully by next month there will be ripe fruits.

Meanwhile as the grasshopper hops and the watermelon plants flower, I'd better find something to do. I do not intend to spend the rest of my time wondering around the garden. Perhaps some laundry? Haha.


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