Yes, Legion. It had a rather unusual central plot, and an unconventional take on things. All the good guys become bad guys, and the bad guys that are supposed to be bad guys are nowhere to be seen. Interesting.

The actual movie can be a bit slow-moving at times, or I may just be growing impatient. Our rebel angel (see picture) does a pretty good job with his role. The guy's got style. Practically everyone that I predicted would die, died in the end. The movie may also cause children to be scared of their grandmas. That's why it's 18PL I guess. There are some underlying themes that are unique too, if you care to notice them. All in all worth the ticket price, but don't expect a blockbuster like Transformers.

Oh and as expected Dato' and I got lost while trying to locate the car in the Queensbay parking area. We did find the vehicle. After appearing at 2 wrong floors. Pandainya.

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