Pirates Ahoy!

As promised, here are some photos I borrowed from Facebook after our photographers posted them for the world to see. Just to colour up the blog and show some old friends what I've been up too. I didn't appear much in the pics because I kept running around the place. Bet the others had a hard time figuring out where I was.

Proudly made by the deco team.

Zhong Yang's masterpiece.

It wasn't easy assembling this 12-meter long path.

Fellow pirates, armed and dangerous.

Buffet line - where everyone gets stuffed.

Our key revenue center, manned by make-up artists.

Band performance for the night.

Another performance, courtesy of the Indian Cultural Society.

Root beer drinking competition, not for the faint-hearted.

Part of our audience.

B Boy's hip hop dancing. The night's climax performance.

Notice how they braved the rain. They've got the moves.

Free dance session! Apparently the crowd doesn't mind getting wet.

The people behind it all. Organising committee group photo.

The day of the event nearly gave me heart attacks (yes, in plural form). Especially the deco assembly phase. We managed to put everything up just minutes before the event started. Thankfully we overcame the major setbacks, and during the event the deco team could finally relax and fool around. I myself was walking around smiling like a fool. It was the program team's turn to feel the pressure, and I must say they handled it well.

Cheers to the organising committee for making it all possible. I haven't seen such perseverance and determination in a very long time. Keep the fire within you, my friends. It will bring you a long way.


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