Hi Law, It's Me Again

Over the past 2 years I have written many posts about law (both real and fake law). They usually appear when a law exam is around the corner. That's exactly the situation now.

Tuesday will be the mid-semester test day for business law. So far I've gone through Business Statistics and Economics. Accounting will come later.

I've said before law is one of my favourite subjects. Hard to study, but interesting as light reading.

In an attempt to lawify this post and boost my morale for Tuesday's mid-sem, I shall first present for thy consideration the case of Pang v Puay Kee (1982) CLR 34. In this particular case the Imaginary Court held that flying aircraft low enough to scare pet Chi Hua Huas to death did not amount to negligent conduct, provided that an airport was reasonably nearby. Earlier I was fortunate enough to observe a pet doggie which appeared to be very troubled by Thai Airlines flying overhead. This case just came to mind. Judging by the fact that the Penang International Airport was about 5 km away, I guess there are no grounds for litigation.

Speaking about cute little pet creatures, earlier I was also fortunate enough to have a lengthy discussion with a very dear friend about cockroaches. Hang on...

...this implies either the cockroach is a cute little pet creature, or my friend is one. Either way something's wrong. But anyway, in R v Kachuak (2011) HCA 56,362,725,000, the Commonwealth Government of Juanotopia prosecuted a cockroach for trespassing into top secret restricted government property. The Kangaroo Court, upon having 7 barrels of ale, declared that cockroaches were sentient beings capable of being charged in court, and should reasonably have been able to read the sign posted outside government property - 'Juan's Stuff. Keep Out.'

The cockroach was sentenced to 5 lives in prison. In Justice Juan's words:

'...cockroaches, being born with brains smaller than humans', should nevertheless *hic* be treated...as being able to comprehend the law. Their smaller brains *hic* have been compensated by the fact that they have six(6) feet, and not just two(2) like humans. It is my belief that cockroaches should therefore *hic* be treated as having the same legal capacity as human individuals, which leaves this sucker *hic* dooooooooomed.'

When asked what the court meant by 'should reasonably have been able to read', Justice Juan replied:

'Anything not reasonably reasonable to be considered reasonable within the reasonable context of the word should reasonably be considered unreasonable by a reasonable person capable of reasonably reasoning the reason behind the reasonable meaning of the word.'

The court adjourned silently with everyone wearing exactly the same look currently on your face.


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