Like I said in my earlier post, we planned a visit to Rottnest Island. So we did get there (yay), through a half-hour ferry ride from Fremantle operated by Rottnest Express.

Rottnest Express!

We were all extremely excited. Not just Abba.

Yup, that's us.

And this is how clear Rottnest's water is!

Since the water was so nice I decided to take another photo.

And another.

That's enough photos of the water from afar. It's now time to get closer to the beach!

Down this flight of old wooden stairs...

...and you're at the beach!

Turn back, and you'll see Bathurst Lighthouse. To the right is aforesaid stairs.

Caution, waves can be strong near the cliffs.

So stay away from the cliffs and enjoy the water =D

Rottnest isn't only about beaches and nice scenery. The island has a history of being an aboriginal prison, and  shipwrecks have been common in the past due to the surrounding reefs and rocks.

Joined a tour to learn about Rottnest's history.

We also learned about the past adventures of daring sailors.

Hello, Captain Whatever's-your-name.

History and beaches aside, Rottnest has Quokkas. They look like a cross between a kangaroo and a huge mouse. Well, that's how everybody describes them. They're marsupials and are related to kangaroos (not mice, I'm certain). In fact, they hop around on 2 legs just like the kangaroos. Only difference is Quokkas are smaller and have mouse-like faces.

Get moving, it's Quokka walk time!

And there we have it. A Quokka.

They don't like the sun very much.

When they come out from the bushes, they're extremely cute!

Quokkas are curious marsupials indeed. If you hold up a camera (or anything else) in their face, they'll hop up to investigate it. That's how my friend got that amazing photo up there. The Quokkas were not scared of humans, although they were a bit shy.

There were of course many other things else to do there, but we only had that few hours on the island. Too bad. I hope to return there someday. It's really worth a go if you haven't been there. Great place to relax, get some fresh air and talk to friendly marsupials.


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