Balik Pulau

It's finals season again! Wonderful! But I still squeezed a day out from my revision to visit Balik Pulau. Don't have much time to blog, so I guess some photos will do.

Pasembur at the Balik Pulau market.

Bought a large bag of prawn crackers cuz my bro drinks them like water.

What's Balik Pulau without the laksa?

Mind soaking your feet?

Kiam Hu! (Salted Fish) Near Pulau Betong.

Again near Pulau Betong.

Pulau Betong fishing village.

The stretch of beach at Pulau Betong. Caution. The waves are VERY strong.

This is cool. Self service laksa. RM1 per bowl, and the soup's awesome (and refillable)!

This Pak Cik's laksa is somewhere near a place Shingun identified as Genting. She knows that area well but I don't. She was basically my tour guide for the entire trip. If you get the chance, do try the laksa there. I assure you it's going to be worth every RM1 you spend there.

You even get to decide how much veggies you want.

Padi fields near 新路头.

 Now, back to work. Laksa next time.


  1. Shingun said...:

    Near genting la. not 新路头. lol

  1. Ewe Juan said...:

    There are 2 Gentings in Penang?

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