Up North, Episode 10 - Pink Lake

A few months ago I wrote a post about Lake Thetis, which was slightly pink because of bacterial action at the bottom of the lake. This Pink Lake that I'm now writing about is several times more pinkish than Lake Thetis. It is found in the middle of Kalbarri. I guess the locals ran out of ideas and promptly named the lake after the colour of its water.

No kidding. Seriously.

That's the colour of the entire lake.

Certain parts are pinker, but generally the pink is concentrated in the center.

I love how the lake complements the sky.

Even the shrubs by the lakeside are pinkish.

And here's the group of fascinated tourists!

The Pink Lake marked our last stop in Kalbarri. After this we drove about 2 hours Perth-wards to Jurien Bay. Jurien Bay had some pretty nice beaches. More on that later.


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