This Year's Durians

As promised, here are some pictures of this year's durians. I can think of no reason why the bulk of you will be interested in them, but I'll post them for my personal enjoyment. Yes I enjoy looking at durians, but I enjoy eating them more of course.

These were taken during a durian party at my aunt's place. We have several of these every year.

Oh yeah HEAVEN!

 Another of my favourite fruits.

Da boss.

Table filled with awesomeness.

My favourite Hor Lor. Dry with an extremely strong taste and scent.

I used the word 'scent' to describe the durian. My American cousins would probably prefer the word 'stench'. I suspect we are both correct in our own way.

My dad's favourite Ang Heh.

There were other durians available. You can probably tell from the whole bunch of white labels in the photos. However the 2 I showed close-ups of were the stars of the day. The rest were good, but lightyears away from the awesomeness of the Hor Lors and Ang Hehs. Satisfaction!


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