Steamed Chicken

This is a dish I remember my grandmother preparing for every CNY reunion dinner when I was little. I never knew what the recipe was, but I loved the tender, juicy outcome.  It was great news for me when mum decided to make this dish, presumably based on some super cool culinary wisdom grandma passed on to her when she was still around.

And it was completely yummy. I have decided I will request for this amazing recipe from mum and pass it to the girlfriend. How nice kalau next time isteri can cook this for me.

"The secret lies in the rock sugar..."
extracted from: Super Cool Culinary Wisdom of Juan's Grandma

I don't know if the gf reads this blog, but if she does, the above is a picture of the completed masterpiece for her reference. She can cook and I'm sure she'll be more than happy to make me my favourite dish. That is, when she's not busy convincing me to cook for me because she wants to sleep in :P


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