Doraemon Exhibition

Some time ago when I was in KL on an engagement we went to this Doraemon exhibition thing. Apparently the blue kitty has been around for 100 years, so an exhibition is organised to celebrate the cat's century-long existence. I was actually pleasantly surprised that we found time to visit this event. Although I'm not a Doraemon fan, it was a much needed break away from my Lenovo Thinkpad.

Celebrating 100 years of Doraemon!

Taking visitors back in time.

I didn't know the blue kitty was once a yellow kitty.

And here are the 100 Doraemons with their 100 gadgets...

This is the one I can relate to best.

Epic mode of transport.

I can relate to this one too.

The legendary door that takes you anywhere.

My colleagues and I. Work hard play hard.

So my 2+2 weeks spent working in KL wasn't as stressful and dry as expected.


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