CNY Horse Year Heritage Street Festival

Finally found some time to update my bloggy! So here are some photos I took at the Beach Street area during the 3rd (or 4th) day of CNY. Yeah CNY is over but it wasn't that far back, so I guess the photos are still relevant.

Come to think about it, photos were made to be timeless. Of course they are still relevant.

I like how they hang paper umbrellas above the street.

Saw some folks helping to set up.
I'm attaching an extra large photo of the stage because I love it. 

Say hi to the snake lady :P

I'm not posting the photo of me acting cute here. So here's (just) my zodiac.

More good deco.

Those hanging lanterns actually have revolving horse patterns inside. Don't ask me how that works.

Nicely decorated trishaw.

In case you're wondering why the streets look so empty, the photos were taken a day before the actual festival. During the event proper there are usually so many people it gets difficult to take pictures properly. So I figured I'd go one night ahead to enjoy the decorations in peace.


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